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The main benefits with the NPPs containers, as opposed to the competition, are:

  • The NPP “Low End” shall be more robust and of a superior quality compared with the competing brands

  • NPPs solutions are cost effective and highly competitive

  • The containers are reusable and are uniquely suitable for transportation to the repository

  • The handling of the filled containers is superior to today’s solutions and will simplify the procedures for handling immensely

  • NPPs use of materials assures a leakage- and corrosion free solution

  • NPPs use of materials is tested to be superbly suited for storage of high level radioactive waste

  • The development of a new container that will be safer and easier to handle will encourage a brand new approach to handling and transportation

  • New handling, transportation and deposit methods should be a part of the project going forward

  • New technology will enable us to mark and tag every container very advanced

Relative to the different types of containers the NPP container conforms to both transport and repository requirements for external radiation, physical strength, fire resistance, chemical inertness heat transfer capability and long-term endurance.

The Transport Requirements are met by additional aid of either reusable outer transport containers/over pack and/or purpose-built truck or train cars.

The fuel assemblies is packed in sealed containers at each waste site, transported to repository and placed for eternal storage without re-packing of the containers.

Low level waste drum


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